UPS Full Form


What is the full form of UPS

UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supply

UPS runs on a battery that is utilized to supply control without essential source or when supply is cut off. A UPS can keep a PC running for certain minutes giving you sufficient opportunity to spare every one of your information all together not to lose it. 

Numerous UPSs presently offer programming which naturally spares your information and shuts down your PC. 

Battery size is likewise a significant factor in the determination of UPS frameworks.

Types of UPS System

There are two types of UPS system:

  • Stand-by power system: Also called disconnected UPS and line-intelligent UPS. At the point when power is sliced off, it changes to the battery in a couple of milliseconds. During this time, the PC isn't accepting any power. This stockpile is for the most part utilized in a PC or office supply store. 
  • Online UPS: Online UPS supplies continuous power from its very own inverter. It has two disadvantages, the initial one is that it is increasingly costly from the stand-by UPS and the other one is that it contains a cooling fan which makes a great deal of clamor.

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